Why You NEED a Strength Coach (Guys Edition)

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Dec 04

Most guys have an issue with this thing called being stubborn (I know we can all relate).

The main reason I write this with guys in mind is because I can tell you exactly what about 85% of males in the gym workout routine will be on Monday… Ready? It goes something like this…

•    5 Min Treadmill
•    Arm Swings
•    Bench Press  3 x 10 aka BroPress
•    Rest aka check out the other alpha males in the gym

•    DB Incline Bench Press
•    Rest for however long

•    Decline Bench Press
•    Rest

•    Lat Pulldowns (behind the head of course)
•    Rest

•    DB Curls
•    Tricep Cable Extensions

What the heck are those and who cares…

 arnold bench


There would be a catastrophic melt-down @ this point ^^


I truly hope that is NOT your program, but I have been there as well…guilty so I feel ya “brah”. I get it, that’s what we have been taught growing up by your dad, uncle Ricky and most coaches of your high school. The bottom line is that too many people WASTE too much time, effort chasing the same goals they had for YEARS! 

So I will outline 4 Points and answer WHY YOU SHOULD have the crazy idea of hiring a Strength Coach:


1. You are limited to the knowledge in your own mind:

We All are. That is OK! We cannot be everything to everyone therefore you are seek people who have more experience, knowledge and can help you in your interest. It’s frustrating chasing goals you have never met (never been there). Its like me driving to Montana WITHOUT using Google Maps. All I know is head North West and you might get there sometime. Well, that’s NOT good enough and it could take me forever to get there… we don’t have forever. You must be SPECIFIC with identifying your goals, but also your training towards that goal.


2. Dude…It’s Science:

Don’t you feel comfortable when something is tried and true? Especially when you can SEE the results in black and white. That is what we do. We get to read through tons of text, literature and research whether it is from the NSCA Journal, PubMed (not always fun, but bottom line the truth is hard to refute). This ensures your program address’ your current state (Assessment) proper progressions to your exercises, proper programming of sets,reps,rest etc. This way you don’t have to cypher through the internet and get bombarded with every new supplement,exercise out there….it’s freaking confusing IF you don’t have the truth (science) to back it up.

(threes alot more rabbit trails to go down with that last statement)


3. Thing’s that “look” right, don’t always “feel” right

You can be doing the wrong thing so long, that the right thing feels wrong. Do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth? 


Here’s a Visual Example:

OFF Military Muscle core workout MWM 20130621  

From our naked eye…looks solid right? Appears to have straight line from knees to neck, chin is packed, but look all of that excessive tone (muscle activity) going on in his lower back. I would propose we can get him to activate his core better by putting him in a better position to start so therefore we: 1)save his back 2) work the muscles he’s supposed to be working


Enter the solution via Andrew Meadows

MR Plank

Now this young gentlemen not only is wearing more clothes, but also has a SOLID plank (more particularly in the lumbar spine…its kind of important). Sometime we just don’t know what we are looking / feeling for which is why a Coach is necessary to provide that guidance and feedback. No more guessing and have your methods sway which ever way the wind blows…


4. You’re Busy

You have things to complete. Work, School,Play,Kids Bro-Time, Sporting events therefore you must put a priority on your time and efforts in the gym. Another reason you need to be specific with your programming and focused on your training. When you walk into the gym, you’re there to dominate, not talk with your friends on your cell phone and checkout your biceps in the mirror. Not only will your body adapt more to this condensed style of training, you get more out of your workout when you are focused on the task at hand. So lets get really freak-in good at training and move some heavy weight. Stop playing patty-cake and DO WORK!


The purpose of the message was to shed some light on the importance and role of a coach (and for us guys to be ok with not knowing everything.) The final food for thought is look at all of our elite athletes, the ones we look up to. Do they not hire a coach….why wouldn’t you?

D Wad coach 

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