Nutrition Simplified For Fat Loss – Prioritize Protein

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Aug 23

Protein is THE #1 macro-nutrient priority for transforming your body and here’s why…

#1 – It builds lean muscle (muscle looks awesome and is a furnace for your body fat)

#2 – Protein keeps you fuller…longer (the more full we are, the less we eat)

#3 - Enhanced thermogenic effects (it’s a nutrient that costs a lot of calories to breakdown and digest)

That’s cool and all, but now let’s get practical with protein and how to add this into your daily routine so we can reveal that lean muscle and be gone with excessive flub we don't want hanging around.

#1 protein builds lean muscle

Let’s take a quick moment to look at protein in a new light…


This BUILDING not only plays a huge role in helping individuals build lean muscle and melt fat but also plays roles in every structure of your body from structure of cells, bones, muscles, ligaments etc.

Simply put, protein is like the frame / structure of your house…

it holds everything up and is the strong foundation to keep everything well established.

Protein is the strong foundation upon which everything else is dependent upon.

How this plays into fat loss…

What burns more calories?

Fat or muscle?

Muscle torches calories. (Say it out loud to burn it into your brain)

That is why eating protein helps us build muscle,

Building muscle helps us burn more calories on a daily basis

Burning more calories everyday helps us lose body fat and reveal our sexy six pack (even if you don’t believe you have one)

That is how protein plays a role in your fat loss transformation, now let’s show you some spiffy protein choices for your day.

For healthier protein choices, follow " The less legs, the better" approach. 

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#2 protein keeps you fuller...longer

In your body transformation, are #1 priority is to create a slight caloric deficit

Meaning, we need less total calories coming in for the day, and more total calories going out.

Let's say your daily requirements for calories are : 1,800 calories / day (to maintain weight)

You simply need to consume < than 1,800 calories / day

Shooting for around 300 calorie deficit bringing your daily calorie total to 1,500 calories / day.

Because if our body does not meet it's daily requirement needs, our body will start to tap into our body fat 
stores to make up for the deficit (within a healthy / normal range).

So, a simple way that we can eat less total calories / day, is by packing more protein in our diet.

When you feel fuller for longer you:

  • Have an even / consistent energy levels throughout the day
  • Are not as tempted on poor snacking choices
  • Consume less total calories since you don't walk around feeling like a ravenous wolf

The big take away here is ...

Be fuller longer, eat less total calories , burn fat and reveal how epic you are.

#3 protein has a large thermogenic effect

Every time we consume calories, it cost's us calories to breakdown and digest those calories (our body is literally working to break them down)

So while this process of digestion is going on, of the calories consumed, some of them will be automatically used up by the body for the process of digestion...

In fact, protein's thermogenic effects can be from 20% - 35% of the total calories consumed.

For carbs, its 5%-15%.

This means if we ate 200 calories of protein 40-70 of those calories are already accounted for!

For fat loss, this is awesome because again we are eating calories, feeling fuller but also burning more calories at a higher rate for a longer period of time.

We should be shooting for .5 – 1 gram of protein / pound of body weight.

So if you weight 180 pounds, you should have 90 – 180 grams of protein every day so you can again…

Getting practical with your protein

Here’s HOW to get your protein in:

Majority of individuals (especially women) fall well below the recommended ranges of how much protein is required of them daily.

In order to perk up your protein quota, pick a strategy below:

  • Use a whey protein supplement (20+ grams / scoop)
  • Have a serving of protein at every meal (size of your palm)
  • Choose protein rich snacks (beef jerky / hard boiled eggs / cottage cheese)
  • Get protein from lean animal sources if / when possible ( they are higher quality sources)

Now that you are armed to transform your body 1 gram of protein at a time, I want you to pick 1 of the daily options above and commit to doing that for 2-weeks time.

That is how you win the transformation game and start progressing towards your goals.

Consistent imperfect action, so in the comments section below, let us know which strategy you're going to implement to get that protein in!

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