5 Belly Fat Burning Strategies

Do you want to “lose weight”?

If you answered… YES!


You want to know how to lose FAT!

Why? Because you want to maintain your lean muscle mass which helps you burn calories and burn fat at a higher rate on a daily basis.

Take one of these 5 strategies and implement them into your daily habits / workouts / nutrition so you can transform your body for long-term success!

Josh Gibson

As a Speed & Strenght Coach Josh is known for applying proven and practical training principles with athletes and individuals so they can sprint fast, jump high and compete at their highest potential. He's been able to coach professional and division-I level athletes in the metro Detroit area, as well as impact speed, strength and performance for the local high school and middle school athletes as well." He has near a decade of experience of working in the human performance field and also has obtained his B.S. from Western Michigan University and all that other fun mumbo jumbo, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, EXOS Performance Specialist.