Welcome To The 6-Day Stronger Core Challenge!

Welcome to the Stronger Core 6 Day Challenge to a leaner, stronger and healthier mid-section!

During the next 6 days, I will be giving you daily Stronger Core Assignments for you to complete.

These assignments will include:

  • A daily exercise that is designed to define and strengthen your entire core including your abs, oblique’s and back muscles (your core is your power center).
  • A fat burning nutrition strategy that is designed to help you feel energized, improve your health and to turn your body into a natural fat burning machine.

A strong and lean core comes from two forces: Internal and External

1) Internal: how you nourish your body
2) External: how you move your body

We’re going to tackle both.For the next 6 days, your challenge will be to complete the daily assignments and stack them, one on top of the other, for the entire week.

By the end of the 6th day, your assignment will consist of a compilation of everything you learned over the week.

One of the biggest hurdles keeping people from being fit and healthy is time.

It’s because of this that we created this 6 Day Stronger Core Challenge to be simple, short and easy to implement.

Each daily assignment literally takes 3-5 minutes to complete so even on your busiest of days, you should still be able to take a few minutes to do them.

The only requirements you’ll need for this challenge are:

  • Dedication to your goal
  • An open mind
  • And a willingness to feel better

That’s it, pretty simple right?

If you commit to doing your very best over these next 6 days, then I will show you how to finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted, in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Deal? Great!

Your challenge starts tomorrow and you’ll need to make sure you whitelist my email so you receive each of the assignments: Josh@athleticpreparation.com

Each of the daily assignment emails will look like this: [Stronger Core Challenge]

So when you see any email like this, make sure you open and save it, ok?

One last thing… If you want to dramatically increase your chances of success, there’s one thing that makes a dramatic difference… Social peer support.

If you recruit a friend to do this challenge with you, you’ll have a lot more fun and you’ll both be able to support and encourage each other.

Use the buttons below to share and invite your favorite people to join you on your Stronger Core 6 Day Challenge to a leaner, stronger and healthier mid-section!

I’m honored and excited to guide you to feeling better about your fitness.

If you have any questions or need extra help, feel free to contact me at: Josh@athleticpreparation.com

Committed to your success,

Josh Gibson - Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Enjoy your free challenge! If you have any questions, remember that you can contact me anytime!

P.s. Remember you challenge starts tomorrow so look out for the first email, subject [Stronger Core Challenge] Day 1

P.p.s. Invite your favorite people to join you, simply use the buttons below!

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