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We believe everyone is an athlete. We believe in making our athletes and individuals better, not just tired. We believe that as a coach, we want to guide and inspire you to do things that inspire you whether that's earning a scholarship, contract or simply want to move, look and feel better. We are here to make your goals become reality through training for life.

We believe in challenging the norm, in thinking differently. We believe in continuing education to constantly get better at our craft to help our clients get better results. We believe in doing things right from the start for your long-term success.

Josh Gibson
Physical Preparation Coach
NSCA-CSCS : B.S. Exercise Science

Josh Gibson is a Strength & Conditioning coach who is obsessed with pushing the envelope of human performance. In doing so, being exceptional at your work takes precedence which is why you will find him daily reading research, books, drinking copious amounts of light roast coffee and attending continuing education courses every year to provide top-notch coaching to his clients around Oakland County.

He has developed programs to fit the individual needs of High School and Youth athletes and also spans to having the opportunity to work with Professional and Olympic caliber athletes.

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