How To Build Explosive Muscle Like An Athlete In 12- Weeks
(without taking the beating)

A no non-sense strength & conditioning program for men to who want to add 10 pounds of muscle and have a high-performance body

If you're the kind of guy who wants a highly-effective plan to build 10+ pounds of muscle in the next 12-weeks and to get that athlete look without the non-sense, you might be shocked with how much muscle you can build...

My name is Josh Gibson. I'm not a pro-athlete. I'm not a bodybuilder. In fact, the only thing I'd consider myself an "expert" in is helping guys build muscular and athletic bodies that look and perform like an athlete.

I woke up on my back...My eyes opened and all I remember last was the sound of a blown whistle from the coach at football practice...

Then I remembered we were doing the A drill where we lined up to go one-on-one against a teammate where we try to push them back... Well he won.

SimplyI was man handled by a guy who was faster, stronger and more physical than me.

I was weak. My confidence barley existed and I knew it came from not having enough muscle mass and strength and I knew it could of been prevented and that I could of and should have won that battle, but didn't. 

So in the off-season next year, I got really serious about my training with a focus on building muscle and strength and that's where it began...I purchased every muscle magazine I could (especially with my favorite athlete on the cover) and started working out with a teammate of mine and started taking my training serious so that way I would never be embarrassed like that again.

My life consisted of school, gym, video games and food. I even avoided running in gym class because I was so obsessed with not burning calories so I can "get my weight up". While I did end up add 10 pounds of muscle that off-season in high-school, I had dreams of playing college football but guess what...

I wasn't big enough, strong enough, or fast enough to play at the next level ...

Athletes Don't Need Steroids To Get Jacked...
And Neither Do You

To get athletic, strong and jacked athletes are training up to 2x /day, 4 days / week to get the most performance out of their bodies so they can compete at the highest level. You might see the sample workouts in the magazines and online, but there is so much conflicting advice on how to build lean and athletic muscle with the right amount of strength and size simultaneously.

Should I train upper body one day and lower body the next?

I should do full body workouts 3-days per week...

Maybe, I should start incorporating powerlifting but don't want to look bloated and bulky...

There are too many signals and "gurus" telling you about this supplement and lifting style and I too have felt confused to pick a direction towards getting a strong, lean and athletic body so it's not your fault, you're not crazy and you're not alone....

No More Searching Forums & Mainstream Media For "Hard" & "Crazy" Exercises To Build Muscle...

Build a strong and lean high-performance body is simple...

Unfortunately the "information age" makes it more complicated and causes us to second guess our selves because we are bombarded with "crazy" and "insane" looking exercises in our social media feed...

What we need is a simple and highly-effective plan that follows principles to unlock your most athletic looking and feeling body.

The proven training methods we use to help guys build muscle isn't covered much in the media because they aren't "crazy" enough, but they are the exact methods that can help you develop of physique like your favorite professional athlete, and it’s simpler than you think....

You too can look like an athlete as long as you narrowing your training focus on what matters and what I call the Athletic Build Method.


The Athletic Build Method : The Highly Focused Formula to Building Athletic Muscle Mass That Commands Respect

The goal is to pack on lean and dense muscle so you can look and perform like an athlete in the shortest amount of time by focusing on the Athletic Build Method.

It's simple... if you want a body like a lean and muscular athlete, you have to follow scientific principles that are proven to grow which is precisely what we did with our Athletic Build Method.

Activate High-Threshold Motor Units

You have high-threshold motor units that need to be activated and can only be activated by lifting heavy weight.

If your training emphasizes high threshold motor units, you'll recruit and grow ALL motor units which is a primary emphasis of the Athletic Build Method of how your workouts are designed for maximal muscle growth.

Manipulate Muscle Contractions

Athletes train specific muscle contractions to increase their power output for their sport, but you will manipulate muscle contractions for maximal muscle mass and strength gains. You'll 4x-6x the amount of your muscles work by focusing on these 2 main and forgotten muscle contractions which equals more muscle growth for you.

The 3M's Of Muscle Mass

Building muscle is insanely simple as long as you follow The 3M's of hypertrophy.

Mechanical Tension - Putting your muscles through a full range of motion (ROM) while under tension increases your muscle size.

Metabolic Stress - That combination of a feeling of when your bicep feels like it's about to burst through the skin or start a fire...this is how much total work your muscle can do. More work = bigger and stronger.

Muscle Damage - Expose your muscle to a new training stimulus and accentuate different types of contractions to maximize muscle strength and size.

Finally, Build Muscle While Saving Time And Cut Through The B.S Forums & Websites ....

Athlete Jacked

Athlete Jacked helps guys unleash their inner athlete by helping them build lean slabs of muscle in only 12-weeks.

  • Build total body muscle mass that fills out the chest, shoulders and sleeves of your shirt
  • Have complete confidence taking your shirt off to reveal your athletic physique
  •  Have a body that performs as good as it looks with an athleteic 4-day training template that hits every muscle groups multiple times per week
  •  A Simple program with proven results that will keep muscles developing whether your beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter.
  • Easy to follow along and get results 3x faster than doing it on your own
  • People WILL mistake you in public for a professional athlete..

You Could Be...

  • check-square-o
    Having the body that can run, jump, lift and perform like an athlete again 
  • When you hop out of the shower, you see lean, dense and athletic muscle that your proud of
  • Be noticed as the Alpha-Male when you walk in the gym and out in public 
  • Complete confidence taking your shirt off at the beach and wearing your favorite tank tops
  • Making your lagging muscle groups grow and strength increase week by week
  • Being set up to maximize muscle before you even start a program because it
  • Looking like a lean and chiseled professional athlete instead of an average bro

Developed By Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson is a former walk-on football athlete, turned Strength & Conditioning Coach.

His experience in collegiate Strength & Conditioning combined with his lack of muscle mass at the time has turned his problem into his passion of helping guys perform to their true potential.

What you should quickly know about him:

-I  have my degree in Exercise Science & Human Performance from Western Michigan University and have mentored under some of the best coaches in the industry.

- I've been blessed with the opportunity to have trained athletes that have performed at the Olympic level (and everywhere in-between)

- I'm a coach first and have struggled with adding muscle mass since I wanted to play football in high school, so helping other guys and athletes solve this problem is personal to me.

- I have 10+ years of in the trenches experience and am not an "internet guru" as I own and operate a Strength & Conditioning facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan 

With Athlete Jacked, You Can :

  • Build muscle faster with an optimized training layout designed by a college strength & conditioning coach
  • Use proven muscle mass training methods that are proven at the highest and most competitive level
  • check-square-o
    Learn how to train like an athlete so you can increase muscle growth
  • Get professional level coaching to make your lifts stronger using these simple and effective " training hacks"
  • Being approached by girls asking you, "what team do you play for?"
  • Be excited to take your shirt off at the beache (and be the biggest and leanest guy there)
  • Get a proven training template for a muscular and athletic looking body
  • Enjoy training again while having fun and break through plateaus with a program that keeps your training fresh
  • Discover how you can build 10 pounds of muscle in the next 12-weeks

...Get Mistaken For A Professional Athlete

  • Stop banging your head against the wall and learn from a proven coach who's achieved results at the highest-level
  • Make your lagging muscles groups grow like they are on steroids
  • Learn how to prioritize your exercises to make your training highly-effective
  • Easy to follow training with exact exercises, sets, reps and percentages laid out for you
  • Get a peace of mind to follow a proven muscle and strength building program
  • Having complete control over how your body looks and feels.
  • Stay motivated and excited about training by the insane results you'll see and friends will notice
  • Stand out in the crowd because you'll be bigger, stronger and leaner than 90% of average "gym bros"

Here's What Others Have To Share About Athlete Jacked

 John Y.


It's great to feel like an athlete again. I've been training on my own 3-4 days per week but sometimes it get's boring and my strength and progress stalls in training. This gave me a great boost to add some quick muscle mass and have fun while doing it.

The way the workouts are structured totally help you prioritize developing strength and muscle which helped me lean my body out too...

- John K.

I've wanted to increase muscle mass and strength for Karate. I wanted to improve my punching and kicking power and Athlete Jacked has helped me do that. I can really feel it when I'm sparring with my partners.

- Will I.

Dave S.


As a former track athlete in college, I always wanted helping building muscle mass and this program helped me achieve that.

I'm starting to see more size in my triceps and my bench is creeping up, I can start to see my abs come in a bit more. It's cool to do the work and know results will follow.

- Robert W.

Josh does a great job of rotating exercises in and out and also mixing the tempo of the lifts up and it keeps me excited and motivated to keeping going each phase.

- Justin K.

Tommy L.


You pick up some great tips in this program. I've been lifting on my own for years but definitely was able to make gains quicker by following a structured program specifically for building muscle mass for an athletic look.

I wanted a program that was quick and easy to follow that would help me build muscle and Josh nailed it.

- Darren L.

Being super busy has always been an excuse for me, but having a progressive and structured training program keeps me on track and I couldn't be happier with the results.

- Jordan F.

Athlete Jacked

12-Week Strength & Conditioning Program That Helps Men Build Explosive Muscle

Athlete Jacked is a 12-week results based muscle building training program without B.S.

This is a 100% digital product. You can read it on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or print it. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the PDF files which includes:

Athlete Jacked | Component 1
Main Manual

Athlete Jacked helps guys build and develop a lean and muscular body that rivals their favorite professional athlete.

  • Complete detailed walk through of how to get the most out of your new training program
  • Build muscle faster with a highly-detailed and structured workout used by highest-level athletes
  • A done-for-you training template that prioritizes exercises for more effective muscle growth
  •  For beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees 
  • Save time and get results faster than doing it on your own...

Athlete Jacked | Component 2 - 3
Nutrition Guide + Macro-Calculator

  • Straight to the point nutrition to build lean muscle while minimizing fat loss
  • Know exactly how many calories you need to eat in order to gain, maintain or lose weight in our nutrition calculator
  • Have your protein, carbs and fats automatically done-for-you and adjusted based of your daily calorie intake
  • Discover the perfect ratio of how many calories you need in order to maximize muscle growth and minimize fat gain

Athlete Jacked | Component 4-6
3 Phase Strength Training Program

  • Continually build lean muscle mass with a progressive 3 phase strength & conditioning program.
  • Phase 1 - establish your broad training base laying the foundation for muscle density by emphasizing volume. 
  • Dial up your training intensity and progression Phase 2 where you'll push your muscle threshold to new strength.
  •  Expose your muscles to new growth with rotating the exercise stimulus of strength and size throughout the week just like athletes do.

Athlete Jacked | Component 7
Exercise Library

  • Get more from each rep with professional coaching that has helped add athletes add 20#'s to their bench press by changing their technique
  • Gain hands on guidance, correct unknown flaws-that are holding your strength and size back
  • Absorb the fundamentals of strength training and tap into the unknown secrets of athletic power and the impact it has on how your body looks and performs
  • Discover training hacks so that your friends will think you bought 100's of dollars worth of coaching for your knowledge
  • Avoid shoulder, back and knee pain on your major lifts because you execute like a boss

Athlete Jacked is a tremendous value to help you build muscle...

As Soon As You Order Today, You'll Get These Exclusive Athlete Jacked Bonuses As My Free Gift To You.

Bonus 1| Athletic Conditioning Cheat Sheet

Keep body fat at an all time low by training all 3 energy systems.

No more mindless stair stepper and treadmill work that you dread. Mix up your cardio based off this specific conditioning cheat sheet athletes use to get in top shape.

You can target your specific goal, mix up your training and never get bored with this easy to use and ready to go cheat sheet.

Bonus 2 | Athletic Arms

Arm training like you've never done before.

These stand-alone workouts will have you re-thinking the way you train arms for maximal growth, no more putting them off to the end of your workout as accessory work.

Use this plan for fast progress to unlock stronger and muscular arms that command respect.

Bonus 3 |Athletic Muscle Complexes

These training complexes are highly-effective and advanced methods to help you build muscle and burn fat....Quickly!

Despite  being challenge and highly effective, inside you'll receive 6 different workout templates with 3 different proven set and rep schemes so you have 50+ different workouts with these workouts alone!

We also will walk you through them in our videos so you can build muscle and burn fat whether your beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Get Your Athletic & Muscular Body By Following Proven Programming

Stop Guessing If Your Workouts Are Actually Producing Results
Get Athlete Jacked Today


One-Time Payment

  • Component 1: Athlete Jacked Main Manual
  • Component 2: Athlete Jacked Mass Guide
  • Component 3: Athlete Jacked Mass Macro-Calculator
  • Component 4: Phase 1 Strength Program - Athletic Base
  • Component 5: Phase 2 Strength Program - Strength Foundation 
  • Component 6: Phase 3 Strength Program - Raw & Athletic
  • Component 7: Athlete Jacked Exercise Library
  • Bonus 1: Athletic Conditioning Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus 2: Athletic Arms Workouts
  • Bonus 3: Athletic Muscle Complex Workouts

One-Time Payment.  No Recurring Billing Charges.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Athlete Jacked will give you results, and investing in it today is a no-brainer. Try it out for 60 days and if you aren’t happy then just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

If you don’t invest in Athlete Jacked, how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today?

If you don’t invest in Athlete Jacked today and you actively are choosing not to let it help you to build muscle and strength that you deserve while making big changes in your life, then how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today?

The answer is: it’s not, you’ll remain the same.

Investing in yourself today will make progress in the gym quicker and easier because the work has been done for you! Save time searching the web, asking forums and following the sample plan you've been using for the past 6 months.

If your not excited to hit the gym it's because your workouts are stale, progress has halted and you haven't been seeing the results you deserve.

If you don't have the muscle and strength you want, you'll find it tough to to enjoy the way you look with or without a t-shirt. You won't have as much confidence, and you'll be robbing yourself of opportunities in life such as getting compliments, making new friends, and having fun with that special someone.

Because of this, I’m giving you “My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” to allow you to build your body, and feel more fit and confident. Thanks to my clients, test subjects, and proven science, I know that this simple program works. Join me RISK-FREE today.

One-Time Payment.  No Recurring Billing Charges.

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