Nov 19

Youth Training – 3 Things Parents Need To Know For Developing Successful Athletes To Earn Scholarships

By Josh Gibson | Athletes Training , Speed Training For Athletes , Strength Training For Athletes

1. Reduce Repetitive Stress To Avoid Overuse Injuries In Youth Training If you bend your credit card, what will happen? A nasty little crease down the middle, right? Now, what if you continually bent, folded, twisted it apart? Through gradual stress of wear and tear It would eventually break apart right?           […]

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Nov 04

Transfer of Speed Performance Presentation Cal Dietz Video Parts 1 & 2

By Josh Gibson | Athletes Training , Speed Training For Athletes

University of Minnesota’s Strength & Conditioning Coach Cal Dietz breaks down the transfer of speed performance from his presentation at the Central Virginia Sports Performance clinic from 2011. In Video 1 You’ll learn : Methods to develop Acceleration mechanics Methods to develop rate of force development Muscle contractions and their role in speed and change of direction Why […]

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Sep 06

4 Pre-Workout Nutrition Principles – The Why, How And What To Eat Before You Workout

By Josh Gibson | Nutrition

One of the top questions, that I get from many of my clients and athletes is: What should I eat before I workout? Great question! We are going to answer that question by explaining the following… –          Why it’s important to eat before your workouts –          How to approach your pre-workout feeding –          When’s the […]

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