Explosive Jump Training – Front Loaded KB Box Jump

By Josh Gibson | Athletes Training

May 02
[ATHLETES] Use this drill to improve your jumping ability and explosiveness!

Front-Loaded Box Jumps help you as an athlete or individual by developing :

>> 1) Explosive Power Output

>> 2) Improved Force Transfer For Jumps & Sprints

>> 3) Core Stability

Having the weight in the front of the body causes you to “brace” your core when taking off as well as landing.

This forces the athletes to remain upright with their posture, jump and land with proper mechanics which drastically improves force transfer and injury prevention.

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About the Author

Josh is top-tier Speed, Strength and Performance Coach for Athletes and active individuals. He is known for applying proven and practical training principles with athletes and individuals so they can sprint fast, jump high and compete at their highest potential all while preventing the playing of patty cake, wasting time in the gym with gimmicks, fads and other non-effective “workouts.”