Thanks For Applying!
Now It's Time For Your Homework...

STEP #1 -  What Other Mom's Have To Say

At First, they were scared to start, they thought they didn't have the time, they couldn't afford training and they didn't think it would work for them, check out their story!

But, what they found was a friendly and encouraging environment,results they haven't seen in years and a change in their health and fitness for life!

Meet Kim & Cecilia!

STEP #2 - Here's What To Expect Next...

1st - We will review your application and text you to schedule a 15-20 minute phone call to learn more about your goals and to make sure we are a good fit for one another.

2nd- Once reviewed, you will get a call from Me (Josh) from a (248) Are Code # which we will contact you at lunch time (11am-1pm) or in the evening (7-9pm) - If you receive a voicemail from us, please contact back ASAP to claim your spot.

STEP #3 - Watch Your Bonus Coaching Video!

Quick Video Overview:
1) 0:35 - 2:03 - Interval Training's Role in Fat Loss
2) 2:03 - 3:40 - Full body workouts for rapid fat loss
3) 3:40 - 4:40 - High Protein or High Carb for fat loss?
4) 4:40 - 5:45 - Why lack of sleep keeps fat around
5) 5:45 - 7:50 - When to eat carbs to minimize fat gain

5 Tips To Blast Belly Fat!