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Me with legendary Speed & Strength Coach Joe DeFranco who trains guys likes Brian Cushing (LB Houston Texans) , Miles Austin (WR Dallas Cowboys) , Antonio Cromartie (CB New York Jets).

Hey, It's Coach Josh,

First of all, you're in. I just want to officially welcome you to the Athletic Preparation Family. I know you are going to be a perfect fit around here.

But, before we get started, there's something we need to talk about:

You're here because you're a player, training to make it to next level. And, as your coach, it's my job to help you get there as quickly as possible.

It's a job I take very, very seriously. With the right mix of training, we will get there. But, if I'm going to give you everything I've got, there are a few things I need from you in return:

Step 1:

4-Week Speed / Strength / Power Training Program

I'am going to help you reach you maximal Speed & Strength potential...

In this 4-Week Speed / Strength / Power Training Template I am going to introduce you to that exact training of the Pros.

Training Speed, Power & Strength is extremely important as you know. It's impacts if you run a 4.4 from a 4.6 and costs athletes scholarships and is the difference between 1st round and 3rd round in the draft.. It's what gets noted and highlighted in local newspaper, recruiting websites, and what brings the scouts to your games.

The problem is players don't actually know how to train their "Speed". If you want to sprint faster you have to actually train hard and with a coach so you get effective feedback and they can make corrections for you!

Download Your Training Program Here:

Step 2: (BONUS) For Michigan Athletes

Activate Your 1-Week of FREE Training!

The 4-Week Speed Training Program can take you a long way... 

But like I said, it's only a sample of what it like to train like an ultimate athlete and it will not get you the same results as if you were training with us in person.

Heck, don't the top NFL Player train with a coach in the off-season? So Should You!

Normally, training in person would cost $299/ month. But, since you're a new member here, I want to do everything I can to get you started as quickly as possible.

So I've activated a brand new discount that will give you 2-Weeks FREE of our Speed & Strength Training Package when you call to activate it today.  To check it out, simply click the button below.

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