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Is Speed & Strength Training Safe For Youth Athletes? 

​Speed And Strength Training For Youth Athletes

The benefits of youth athletes participating in youth strength and conditioning programs are:        
  - Improved social skills & self image    
  - Boosts sports performance     
  - Reduced injury rate     
  - Stronger bones     
  - Foundation for sports at a                                          higher level

Strength & Conditioning Programs For Athletes

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Youth Strength & Conditioning Program

With the rise in popularity of youth sports, we believe it is crucial to establish movement and motor patterns at an early age. By creating efficient movement patterns we can help reduce the risk of injury, promote body awareness, and improve overall self esteem. We have found that through proper strength and movement training, our youth athletes have gone on to excell at the high school level.

High School Strength & Conditioning Program

Many of today's high school athletes are involved in multiple sports throughout the year. At Athletic Preparation we understand the physical demand it takes to maintain a high level of competition throughout the year. Our primary goal is to provide our high school athletes with strength training that is designed to maintain their strength, stay healthy through the season, and help reduce the risk of injury.

College Strength & Conditioning Program

College athletes looking for a competitive edge whether in-season or who are home for the summer are always welcome back as family at Athletic Preparation. Many of those athletes started training at Athletic Preparation in either middle school or high school and through hard work and dedication and God gifted abilities many of these athletes have earned athletic scholarships.

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We design and implement a Strength & Conditioning Program that is tailored to the athlete, their sport, and their position. We aggressively, yet safely progress the athlete through the different phases of training to maximize their performance no matter their age, gender and background.