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12-Week Strong & Shredded Challenge!

Discover The Simple And Easy-To-Follow Transformation Challenge That Helps Get Rid Of Extra Weight, Firm Muscle And Build Strength... Without Restrictive Diets Or Adding More Overwhelm To Your Already Busy Life.

(Your Life Is Busy Enough As It Is - Achieving The Results That You Want Should NOT Add Stress To Your Life - It Should Remove It)


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This 90 Day Challenge Uses The Same A-Prep Fat Loss Formula That Helped Dave Lose Over 3% Body Fat And Gain Lean, Athletic Muscle.

"I did got in the best shape of my life for vacation. Getting a detailed and professional training program allowed me to push my limits I didn't know I had in me and achieve the results I was really after. My squat, deadlift and bench press weight shot up, as well as making sure my technique locked in so I can train pain free and with confidence."

And Now You Can Get Access To The Exact fat loss secrets and muscle building methods that helped Dave that consists of training, nutrition and accountability delivered by competent & passionate coaches that "give a damn" & support you every step of the way.

What do you get with the 90 Day Strong & Shredded Challenge?


    • You’ll have unlimited access to our fun and challenging group training sessions (beginner friendly) that will double your results in half the time.
    • It's a great way to avoid doing boring cardio or spending 30-Min on the 'hamster wheel'
    • It’s an opportunity to workout with a ton of like-minded people who like to work hard and be pushed to their potential.


    • We sit down with you to find out SPECIFICALLY what you need to do to achieve the results you want.
    • We'll map out every step of the 90 Day Challenge to remove all of the guesswork and make sure you are crystal clear on what to do, when and exactly how.


    • We don't use "diets" those have an end-date and unknowingly encourage the Yo-Yo effect on your weight fluctuation.
    • This is stress free eating that is so simple with a paint-by-numbers approach and helps you develop long-term sustainable habits for you and your family.


    • We are ruthlessly committed to helping find a solution that fits your needs and has a 90% success rate. We are in this together!
    • You won't have to be alone we'll make sure to keep you on track, motivated and constantly progressing!


    • You'll be a part of the 50+ men who have used our proven system and methods to get drastic results, FAST!
    • Avoid the stress of another gimmicky and for the masses program that bombard you on info-mercials that leave you feeling isolated and frustrated.


    • Get direct and professional insider knowledge to end the guessing game and overwhelm of information. Get truth directly from the source!


    • You'll develop habits and skills that are easy to stick with that don't threaten your favorite foods or social life.
    • Our strategy is to help you get results and learn how to keep them (we will keep it simple!)

Heard Enough?

Here Is Why We Are Different...

The path to being Fit And Lean doesn't have to be so far away and seem so hard to follow like most gimmicky challenges and diets that include...

    • Nasty meal replacement shakes that taste like liquid chalk
    • Low-Calorie restrictive diets that leave you feeling starved, miserable and grouchy 
    • Strict training schedules and time consuming workouts that eat up too much time out of your already busy schedule leaving you feeling guilty and more stressed out.
    • Generic and boring workouts that were never intended to fit YOU or YOUR GOALS!
    • Confusing and "one size fits all" meal plans that has foods you don't even like and aren't realistic for you to even stick to!

Our Approach Differs Because It Includes...

    • High Quality Food that tastes good-and alot of it! (we hope you like steak, bacon and eggs!)
    • Nutrition strategies and principles that don't hold your favorite food hostage
    • Training that is fun, engaging , educational and can be tailored to YOU and YOUR GOALS to expedite YOUR RESULTS!
    • FUN! ... Let's face it... You won't stick with anything if you're not having fun doing it! So while you're having fun AND getting results AND having friends and family ask "What have you been doing" , "Did you lose some weight?"
    • Access to professional coaches that are committed to your unique goals just as much as you are.
    • Association of a community of like-minded, non-judgmental people who encourage, support and push you in your training so you never feel alone.
    • A hybrid of "Fat Burning" and "Lean-Muscle Building" training methods that delivers more results in 50 minutes than most 2+ hour workouts can (it's not because its HARD - but the key is the quality and right exercise selection).

Our Training Has Been Published & Featured In


Due to the amount of attention of support you will get from us - we only have room for 12 COMMITTED Men into the program.

By committed we mean...

    • Willing to DO THE WORK! (We won't have you lay bricks but you'll have to work hard and simply follow the plan to your results)
    • Ready to take ownership and responsibility of how you look and feel!
    • Willing to move on from cheap and gimmicky exercise DVD's and fad diets that are NOT sustainable  and graduate into Top-Notch quality training center with professional coaches and real world experiences and results that are actually enjoyable!

So if you’re committed and ready to perform at your FULL potential...

REMEMBER...we're only opening this up for 12 Men


The very second all 12 spots are claimed - we're closing the doors and the fun and results will begin...(for the lucky 12).

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