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Congrats on being an action taker! That's what this course is about, we are here to help YOU take action with the direct and simple Nutrition guidelines we are about to share with you!

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8 Video Courses that will teach you direct and simple nutrition habits for long-term healthy living and habits that are essential to transform your body into a lean machine!
Calories Are KING!

Duration: 12:17

Discover your "magic number" of how many calories are needed per day to reach your goal for fat loss. 

Function With Fat

Duration: 7:34

How does eating fat help you lose fat? Learn here how it's not the enemy, quality fat sources and how it leans your body out.

Habits & Accountability

Duration: 7:34

Habits are the key to long-term and healthy transformations. Healthy habits eating whole nutritious foods for sustainable fat loss!

Prescription Of Nutrients

Duration: 8:45

Learn how to control and stay within your daily calorie limits by prescribing your exact amount of protein, carbs and fat! Easy to follow forumla!

Prioritizing Protein

Duration: 13:24                

How much protein is enough? What kind of protein should I eat and when is the best time? All covered in here.

Crushing Your Carbs!

Duration: 8:07               

Carbs should NOT be totally eliminated in your diet for fat loss! Learn how to best use carbs for enhances fat loss and fuel workouts!

Portion Control & Hydration

Duration: 10:04                

Grab our "Perfect Meal" blueprint that has helped our clients lose over 1,844 total pounds. The easiest blueprint to follow for fat loss.

Practical Eating While Busy

Duration: 10:04                

Learn how to make healthy choices when eating out, avoid "stress / emotional" eating so you don't sabotage your goals and stay on track

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