Achieve Your Potential

Start Training With A Plan, Purpose & Relentless Pursuit Of Your Goals

Tools to Ensure Success:

Strength Training

Lifting weights helps build Lean & Athletic Muscle that burns fat and reveals your optimal physique. Strength Training is a sure way to build confidence, and expedite the process to your specific goal.


You are not alone. We understand your goals are important to you so we help keep you accountable to achieving them with standing appointments, Facebook support groups & most importantly...friendship!


We measure & track your progress month to month so you feel & see the difference training has had on your body and the achievement of your goals.

boost energy & heart health

When was the last time you worked out and regretted it? NEVER! Workouts will be fun, energetic & engaging allowing you to leave and feel ready to conquer the rest of the day!

Workout Snapshot:

  • [5-10 Minutes] Soft Tissue work to break up sore muscles and knots
  • [5-10 Minutes] Mobility to take joints through proper Range of Motion & Activation Drills to activate target areas
  • [10-15 Minutes] Plyometrics to power up the nervous system and prepare it for the workout
  • [20-30 Minutes] Resistance training with weights to improve maximal strength and develop lean muscle mass
  • [10-15 Minutes] Metabolic Conditioning to torch unnecessary body fat and improve endurance
  • [5 Minutes] Cool Down to reset you from your intense workout, and get you focused and relaxed to conquer the day!

What People Have to Say:

Emily A.

Josh has been my strength coach for about 4 months total now. He has been such a great help!! He takes the time to explain each workout and creates a workout plan specifical ly for you. He meets you where you are at and works with you from there. He encourages , is motivation al, and extremely knowledgea ble. He is very focused when he is working with you and even takes the time to show you the proper form for each workout. I knew nothing about how to workout before seeing Josh. I always wanted to go to the gym but once I was there I never had any idea what to do. When I first met with Josh he asked me what my goals were and since then he continuous ly teaches me new techniques to help me reach those specific goals. Four months later and I feel adequate to actually attend a gym by myself and feel like I know what I am doing! Working out has helped me not only physically , but mentally, he has truly helped me create a better lifestyle for myself and for that I am thankful! He is such a great coach and I HIGHLY recommend him!

  • 4x/ Week Training
  • 3x/week Training
  • 2x/week Training

Most dedicated package to skyrocket results.  Consistency is Key!

What's Included In Your Membership:

  • Monthly Customized Workout Plan 
  • 4 Epic Coaching Sessions / Week
  • Access to Accountability Group
  • Assessment to identify client movement profile
  • Body composition tracking and measuring

6-Month Investment

$32.44 / Session

$519 / Month

3-Month Investment

$34.31 / Session

$549 / Month



We understand it is hard to get started and want to ensure you made the right choice. Try us out & if you don't believe we are worth the offer, we will happily refund your money. No questions asked.

get 2-times the results, In less time

Our Assessment & Strategy Session gives us specific information on how to customize your program to your unique Goals & Needs.

what can I expect with this assessment?

Great Question..!

  • A Bio-mechanical assessment to analyze how your body moves -- everyone is unique and this allows us to customize your workout program!
  • Body Composition Analysis -- to track & measure your success over time with us!
  • Learn about your training history, preferences and life factors
  • Discuss and set up daily nutrition habits specific to your body's needs.
  • Discuss specifically what training plan best suited to achieve your unique goals.