The Leader In Helping Michigan Team Sport Athletes & Coaches Develop Speed, Strength and Power So They Can Compete At The Highest Level

7 Quick Facts You Might Like To Know About Josh

1.  He's the Founder of Athletic Preparation and a highly sought after Speed & Strength Coach for Team Sport Athletes & Coaches who want to make an impact in their life and performance by achieving their potential and not settling for average, old and outdated training methods.

2. He still trains himself like an athlete and only implements successful training methods he's done or has seen success in other organizations. No fluffy theories, just proven science that gets results for athletes.

3. He's had published articles on Stack Media and has been featured on Fox 2 News while he has also served as a Strength & Conditioning coach at Western Michigan University and Wayne State University.

4. He is a self-proclaimed coffee snob who's life was completely changed when he put heavy cream in coffee, it is life changing!

5. He was a walk-on linebacker for Western Michigan University despite only playing 1-year of high school football.

6. Josh has spent over $20,000 of his own money in continuing education courses and mentorships so he can improve his skills, coach and serve his athletes better to get the best results for this he has the privilege to coach.

6. He started working in strength and conditioning in a "commercial gym" right out of college and quickly realized he could not work with un-motivated individuals who lack a vision or purpose for their future which is why he opened Athletic Preparation, to work with motivated athletes and coaches to achieve their goals.

7. He's extremely grateful to be married to his beautiful wife Lauren and has one crazy cat (despite being a dog person his entire life) Timone.