Resisted Sprints (With No Fancy Equipment)

By Josh Gibson | Athletes Training

May 12

Resisted Sprints Help Athletes :

  1. Relax while sprinting to develop their technique
  2. Unload their body weight so they can achieve proper body angles for acceleration
  3. Help athletes apply horizontal force which helps them accelerate and sprint faster

This variation of resisted sprints uses just 2 bands hooked up together so they can March or Sprint against the band tension that helps them develop a powerful first quick step and 10 yard burst.


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About the Author

Josh is top-tier Speed, Strength and Performance Coach for Athletes and active individuals. He is known for applying proven and practical training principles with athletes and individuals so they can sprint fast, jump high and compete at their highest potential all while preventing the playing of patty cake, wasting time in the gym with gimmicks, fads and other non-effective “workouts.”