Welcome !

To Our New A-Prep Family Member!

Welcome to Athletic Preparation! 

I want to congratulate you on taking the first big step on becoming a fit, lean & strong Oakland County Resident!

You've taken the biggest step by contacting our results based Semi-Private Training Facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan and making the decision to change your life!

That puts you in the 1% of population and for that, we Thank You!

Selecting our gym and team of coaches to guide you on your path for results and success does not go unnoticed and isn't taken lightly!

My team and I are pumped to come along side your journey and help you smash your training goals.

Thank You for trusting us in this process!

Josh Gibson

If you need anything! You can reach me at

  • Step 1 - Arrive
  • Step 2 - Strategy session Overview
  • Step 3 - confirm

STEP 1 - Arrive at Athletic Preparation

Address : 
141 South Opdyke Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Parking : Come right in and park on the right hand side (or any open spot) for parking, come in off Opdyke, turn into Evolution Sportsplex and follow parking around to the back (closer to the dome)

If parking is full, feel free to park anywhere (closer to the building is best).

Entrance : Once you park, you will enter the main building going through the front door. Once inside the building, you will go through a set of double doors, once you pass through the double doors you'll see a white Athletic Preparation sign immediately to the left, and we'll be in there 🙂

What to Bring : We will be doing some light movements (nothing that gets you hot and sweaty) so we prefer your to wear normal workout clothes (athletic shoes, shirt and shorts) if not, we can still do the same in everyday clothes. There are bathrooms in the building if you need to change on-site.