Steal & Use These Speed Drills So You NEVER Blend In ...

VIDEO 1 : Push Up To Sprint

Maintain Your Acceleration Phase Longer With This Drill

- Josh Gibson - NSCA-CSCS

Head Sports Performance Coach

Athletic Preparation l Auburn Hills, MI

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Known as a top-tier Strength & Conditioning Coach who serves high-school team sport athletes. 

He helps his athletes dominate the competition by being a faster , stronger and more physically dominant athlete. This helps athletes elevate their performance , stand out to college coaches, recruits and get noticed!

As a former walk-on football player at Western Michigan he understands the grit, determination and hard-ships athletes face, which is why his mission is to develop the explosive speed, build maximal strength and power that is required to play at the next level and maximize your athletic performance.

What Some of Our Top Clients Have To Say...

Steven OleksyDefenseman , Pittsburgh Penguins

Each summer Josh helps me tremendously in my preparation for the upcoming seasons. He focuses on my sports specific movements and helps correct any imperfections I may have developed through the course of a long, demanding Hockey season. I enjoy working with Josh because he customizes his program to each individual which helps me maximize my training results.