How to get Team Sport Athletes Freakishly Fast, Super Strong & Extremely Powerful In Simply 8-Weeks

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Athletic Preparation has coached NFL, NHL and other high achieving athletes in their pursuit of being a faster, stronger and more explosive athlete so they can compete at the highest level.

They have invested $77,000 + and thousands of coaching hours in their 8 years of coaching all for the purpose of HELPING ATHLETES PERFORM BETTER FOR THEIR SPORT!

To keep thing short, direct and to the point, here the 3 things you must develop to become a Faster, Stronger and more Powerful Athlete.

For Athletes , Coaches & Parents,


Build Maximal Strength

Strength is the total amount of Force an athlete can put into the ground causing them to run faster, jump higher or be quicker.

Strength exercises should reflect the athletes sport and the demands of their sport in order for it to "transfer" to their performance.

Adjusting the volume and intensity of certain exercises and certain "phases" of a properly planned and progressed training program is extremley vital to make sure they PEAK at the right time for their sport.


Develop Max Speed

Speed and coordination of movement is the most noticeable and sought after quality by College Coaches, they want athletes who can move, move well and fast because there are no weights in their sport!

Speed and movement transfers to ALL sports so it's vital that an athlete has proper coaching about mechanics, technique and has that skill fully developed so they stand out and look "natural" compared to other athletes.

Training for speed is a SKILL THAT CAN BE DEVELOPED just like writing, reading or throwing a ball. It should be properly coached and progressed by an educated and competent Strength & Conditioning professional.


High Rate Of Force Development

The athlete MUST be able to produce the highest amount of force in the shortest amount of time possible.

Rate of force development is the final stage of bridging the gap of Strength and Speed so the athlete is POWERFUL for their sport.

When the athlete trains under a properly progressed Strength & Conditioning Program that  seamlessly integrates Strength And Speed is when the athlete is truly prepared for their outbreak season!

That is the simplistic 3-Step overview of how to make explosive athletes...

Why We Are Offering This Camp...

The first (and primary reason) is to show you that you CAN develop Strength, Speed & Power in a simple and effective manner, as long as you have your training properly programmed.

If you follow the training principles and steps outlined above, you will blow by your competition with blazing speed, develop raw strength to over power your competition and be more explosive which results in more playing time, and having a breakout season!

The secondary purpose is to raise your belief in yourself that you can achieve anything you want with the proper dedication, coaching and work ethic. As well as to help you realize that we (Athletic Preparation) are passionate coaches with the solution for athletes like yourself to compete and play at the highest level.

Steven OleksyDefenseman , Pittsburgh Penguins

Each summer Josh helps me tremendously in my preparation for the upcoming seasons. He focuses on my functional movements and helps correct any imperfections I may have developed through the course of a long, demanding Hockey season. I enjoy working with Josh because he customizes his program to each individual which helps me maximize my training results.

Who This  Is For...

High School Athletes In Oakland County Who Play Team Sports:

  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

Athletes Who Want To Benefit From :

  • Increase sprinting speed & learn proper sprinting technique / mechanics
  • Becoming a more agile athlete that can create space and change direction on a dime
  • Add strength to be more resilient to injury
  • Needs to be lean and in shape for the break out season

Josh is one of a kind when it comes to strength and speed training. He knows how to push you farther than you have ever gone before and it's super enjoyable having him right by your side. It's been a pleasure knowing Josh for these past couple of years and having him guide me through the training process and help me achieve success on the football field.

Joe Platz Linebacker , Stoney Creek High School

Dates - Times - Location

 -Dates -

START DATE : April 25th, 2016

END DATE : June 17th, 2016

 -Training Days & Times -

Training Days : Monday -  Friday - Sat ( 10:00 AM )

Training Times : 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM & 4:30PM - 6:00PM (M/W/F)

** Athletes will train 3 x / week **

141 S. Opdyke Rd. Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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Warm Up : 10 Minutes
Speed Technique : 10-15 Minutes
Speed / Agility Training : 30-40 Min
Strength Training : 30-40 Min
Conditioning : 10 Min

Carter Kovalcik Pitcher , North Carolina Central University

Collegiate level baseball is a huge leap from competing in high school, but obtainable for anyone willing to seek out the right resources/trainers and have a great work ethic. I know I would not be where I am today without the timeless help of Josh Gibson. Through working on strength, flexibility, and range of motion or flexibility he has made me a better ballplayer. He continues to help me today even while I am playing baseball in North Carolina. If you are serious about your sport, Josh is a good resource to have to improve your game.

What You Get...

A PROVEN TRAINING SYSTEM: utilized by Professional, Collegiate & High School Athletes that rapidly develops Maximal Strength, Explosive Speed and Physically dominant athletes. 

EXPERT COACHING : from a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who has worked in the College Football and High School Track setting with over 7 years of dedication and experience towards improving athletic performance! 

HIGH ENERGY TRAINING ENVIRONMENT: just like you would experience in a top-notch university weight room. This makes sure you are pushed to your limit each day and that nothing but your very best effort will be accepted.

COMBINE TRAINING TIPS AND INSIDER SECRETS: help you know the in's and outs of how to get every advantage on 40 yard dash / 60 yard dash, vertical jump, broad jumps, shuttle runs etc.

TEST - MEASURE - TRACK PROGRESS : see how YOU stack up against local and national level talent on the main performance tests that college coaches are looking for. As well as a proven game plan to improve them!


Normally : $669

Now : $449

> $220 SAVINGS! <

What To Do Next...

How Do You Get Freakishly Faster, Super Strong & Extremely Powerful In The Next 8-Weeks?

This training blueprint will dramatically increase your sprinting speed, strength levels and explosive capability and it will even cause a lot of attention from teammates and coaches.

But you still need to train and put in the work.

Due to time, equipment and hands on unique coaching you'll receive with your program, we only have room for 10 more athletes at this current moment.


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Josh Gibson 
B.S, NSCA-CSCS, EXOS Performance Specialist, BPS Level 1

Josh is top-tier Strength & Conditioning Coach in the sports performance industry.

He's known for teaching hundreds of coaches and athletes how to improve their athletic performance by properly progressed and developed  speed and strength training methods.