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Can athletes get faster with speed training?

Are you actually sprinting to your full potential?

What separates great athletes from good athletes is how fast they can sprint, regardless of their sport.

The athlete who can sprint, create separation, power and explosive plays is typically the stand out athlete.

Youth Training – 3 Things Parents Need To Know For Developing Successful Athletes To Earn Scholarships

1. Reduce Repetitive Stress To Avoid Overuse Injuries In Youth Training If you bend your credit card, what will happen? A nasty little crease down the middle, right? Now, what if you continually bent, folded, twisted it apart? Through gradual stress of wear and tear It would eventually break apart right?           […]

Sprint Faster – How Faster Athletes Develop Elite Speed With More Force

It has been often attributed and debated that there are 2 key factors an athlete should increase if they wanted to sprint faster. The main 2 factors believed to contribute to faster sprinting speeds were: 1 – Stride Length – The distance between foot contacts 2 – Stride Frequency – How many foot contacts are made […]

Transfer of Speed Performance Presentation Cal Dietz Video Parts 1 & 2

University of Minnesota’s Strength & Conditioning Coach Cal Dietz breaks down the transfer of speed performance from his presentation at the Central Virginia Sports Performance clinic from 2011. In Video 1 You’ll learn : Methods to develop Acceleration mechanics Methods to develop rate of force development Muscle contractions and their role in speed and change of direction Why […]

Resisted Sprints (With No Fancy Equipment)

Resisted Sprints Help Athletes : Relax while sprinting to develop their technique Unload their body weight so they can achieve proper body angles for acceleration Help athletes apply horizontal force which helps them accelerate and sprint faster This variation of resisted sprints uses just 2 bands hooked up together so they can March or Sprint […]