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Jun 02

5 Belly Fat Burning Strategies

By Athletic Preparation | Strength Training

Do you want to “lose weight”?

If you answered… YES!


You want to know how to lose FAT!

Why? Because you want to maintain your lean muscle mass which helps you burn calories and burn fat at a higher rate on a daily basis.

Take one of these 5 strategies and implement them into your daily habits / workouts / nutrition so you can transform your body for long-term success!

May 12

Resisted Sprints (With No Fancy Equipment)

By Athletic Preparation | Speed Training

Resisted Sprints Help Athletes :

  1. Relax while sprinting to develop their technique
  2. Unload their body weight so they can achieve proper body angles for acceleration
  3. Help athletes apply horizontal force which helps them accelerate and sprint faster

This variation of resisted sprints uses just 2 bands hooked up together so they can March or Sprint against the band tension that helps them develop a powerful first quick step and 10 yard burst.


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May 02

Explosive Jump Training – Front Loaded KB Box Jump

By Athletic Preparation | Strength Training

[ATHLETES] Use this drill to improve your jumping ability and explosiveness!

Front-Loaded Box Jumps help you as an athlete or individual by developing :

>> 1) Explosive Power Output

>> 2) Improved Force Transfer For Jumps & Sprints

>> 3) Core Stability

Having the weight in the front of the body causes you to “brace” your core when taking off as well as landing.

This forces the athletes to remain upright with their posture, jump and land with proper mechanics which drastically improves force transfer and injury prevention.

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Apr 27

Explosive Athletes – Build A Strong Posterior Chain With Box Squats

By Athletic Preparation | Strength Training

The posterior chain to an athlete, is what an engine is to a car…

If you don’t have an engine, you aren’t going anywhere.

So, if you’re an athlete, you will never be fast if you don’t develop Strength & Power in your posterior chain.

Below is quick video of one of the best exercises to help you develop a strong and explosive posterior chain:

– Glutes


So you can become the most powerful athlete possible…and achieve your maximal potential as an athlete.

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