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Increase your vertical jump with training that revolves around these 5 key components of power.

You will add inches to your vertical when your training includes:

  1. Jumping Technique – This is where you actually learn how to jump higher.
  2. Force Absorption – teaches you how to absorb force so you can re-direct it and jump higher
  3. Amortization Time – you must limit the amount of time on the ground if you want your vertical to transfer to your sport
  4. Vertical Force Production – the ability to produce maximal amount of vertical force when jumping higher
  5. Joint Angles – the specific joint angles your body is in when you’re jumping

Additional factors that help athletes jump higher is their baseline strength levels (more specifically their leg strength) and also how rapidly they can use the strength they have (Rate Of Force Development).

If an athlete can rapidly overcome their body weight, they will be able to fly!