Athletes Who Engage In Speed & Strength Training Have A Competitive Advantage


Youth Training Can Start Early As 8 Years Old And Develop Best By Playing Multiple Sports

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We Make Athletes Faster, Move More Efficient & Reduce Potential Injuries

8-12 Years Old

Is the best time to start youth athlete training for their long-term success and development.

.2 Seconds

Is the time we can cut down an athletes speed within the first session by improving technique.

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We guarantee results and satisfaction with our athletes who follow training plans and can train consistnetnly and with intensity!

Speed Training For Youth [VIDEO]

Check out a couple key concepts that we help youth athletes with to sprint faster and learn proper sprint technique.

Youth Speed And Strength Training Should Focus On Fundamentals

Youth Speed and strength training should beging at an early age and should be focus on the fundamentals of basic movements, start with low load and progressively challenge skills before adding weight and lastly should be fun and diverse!

13U Oxford Softball Girls

Speed & Strength Is A Skill BEST Learned At An Early Age

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  • Is strength training healthy, and at what age?
  • When should my son / daughter start speed training?

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